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  1. Ode to Junkheap: State of My First 3D Printer

    Picture of Junkheap

    The Junkheap

    This post will be an overview of my journey keeping a piece of junk kit printer running.

    Getting Started

    In September of 2018, I bought my first 3D printer: an Anet A8 kit for $170. I did plenty of reading before it arrived, and I made some mods …

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  2. Custom Gavels for the KSC Anime Club

    Picture of Gavels

    A Tale of Two Gavels

    I'm an officer of Kennedy Space Center's Anime club, KSC Anime. We inherited the club, sort of, and I reckon we are about the 3rd generation of officers in as many years.

    This post is not about anything the club has done. This post is …

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  3. Setting Up DNS


    Domain Name Service / System. In a nutshell, this converts domain names like "kn4obl.net" to an IP address like "". Only IP Addresses can be routed over the internet, but humans have a much easier time remembering words or phrases. In the distant past of the …

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  4. Capstone Resume

    Picture of John


    I'm John McCardle, an upcoming Cyber Intelligence graduate from University of South Florida.

    I have a very diverse set of interests, as my degree would suggest. Other than the courses my Master's degree requires, here's a few of the things I've worked on since becoming a graduate student in …

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